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Coach transport

Coach transport

The passenger transport division currently operates 4 deluxe coaches especially suitable for long-distance transport. The coaches are well designed from the aesthetic as well as ergonomic point of view and guarantee comfort even on very long trips. SIDERAL bodies are fitted to a VOLVO chassis from the Spanish superstructure supplier SUNSUNDEGUI. Naturally, all coaches include air conditioning, WC, cooling box for beverages, box for serving hot meals, and an audio and video circuit. Each of the coaches is in good technical condition and is certified by an annual technical inspection and other documentation ensuring uncomplicated transportation throughout Europe.
Coaches are always spotlessly clean and drivers are provided with sufficient funds (cash or cards) for covering the cost of all services associated with transportation abroad.

  • 3 two-axle coaches Volvo B12, capacity 49 + 1 seats
  • 1 three-axle coach Volvo B13, capacity 57 + 1 seats
Transport proposals and enquiries
Transport proposals and enquiries are handled by transport dispatching - see the contacts.
Prices of individual transportations are subject to a transport contract and the prices are quoted as contractual prices. The final amount may be affected by additional transport costs (ferry, toll, parking fees and other charges).



Contact details for the Coach Transport Dispatcher:

Hana Cimburková tel.: 383 350 132, e-mail:

Coach transport

Václav Cimburek CIVA trans, Rovná 85, 386 01 Strakonice

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