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Careers with our company

By 1.4.2009, our big family comprised 165 employees in total, with drivers and mechanics accounting for the largest portion of the company's personnel. While our team of mechanics and technicians is relatively stable, the turnaround in our group of drivers is consistently somewhat higher due to the high demands of the profession. Truck drivers who take pride in their profession are therefore welcome to join our team to take advantage of the career opportunities and economic stability guaranteed as a part of employment in our company.
The relatively low fluctuation in our permanent staff demonstrates that we offer good working conditions and ample remuneration for good work, including an incentive of a regular monthly bonus. Employees are eligible to receive this bonus after two years of employment in our company and the amount increases according to the length of employment.
Should you wish to apply for employment in CIVA trans, please contact the owner - Mr. Václav Cimburek, tel.: 602 122 084.

Václav Cimburek CIVA trans, Rovná 85, 386 01 Strakonice

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