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Company’s plans

Despite our entrepreneurial achievements, we are continuously striving to maintain the company's stability in the cargo and passenger transport sector and improve the quality of our servicing. Besides regular training provided to our employees, this objective is also achieved through moderate and consistent development involving investment into service equipment and innovation of our fleet in other activities. Our chosen path is not an easy one as the situation in transport is under permanent pricing pressure due to operating costs (fuel prices, servicing costs, price of tyres, CZK and EUR exchange rate, etc.) and the rate per kilometre covered, which is usually subject to the supply and demand in transport.
Only strong players - stable companies with high-quality personnel can succeed in this perpetual game and we are confident that CIVA trans ranks among these. Our activities in servicing passenger cars and trucks partially depend on the conditions and direction determined by Volvo Truck CZ and Volvo Auto Czech as importers, whose authorised partner we are.

Václav Cimburek CIVA trans, Rovná 85, 386 01 Strakonice

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